InterGalactic Rainbow Productions

In 1975, two other classmates and I made a movie entitled Omega V. This was for some sort of media class (I've forgotten the exact title now) our junior year in high school.

In 1996, for our 20 year reunion, I put the movie online, redid the titles and credits and cleaned up some of the glitches in audio to come up with a New, Improved Omega V. This was all put on cdrom and given to some of my classmates who were involved with the project.

I so much enjoyed doing this movie and the re-editing that in June, 1998, I signed up for Art of Filmmaking (in introductory production class, using Super8 film) and Screenwriting at the NW Film Center. The end result of the Art of Film class was All The Wrong Places. It turned out pretty well, but this version is not the final version - it seems I had the camera in Macro mode accidentally, and a bunch of it is out of focus (where there was enough light, depth of field saved me). I reshot most of it, but a hard disk crash wiped out the new version just as I finished editing it (which is why my systems are now mirrored), so this is a fuzzy transfer without the clean titles edited in.

I thought I had the raw footage captured on video tape and on cdrom, but apparently not. I also have the proposal, story board and shooting script as well.

This project was a blast, so I signed up for the 16mm Editing class in August, and Sound Design in September through December, which was interesting --- the project there was to come up with 3 minutes of sound, record it on 16mm sound stock, then go through a couple of dozen old 16mm films, cut pieces out and edit them to go with your sound. Most of mine came from a reel of WWII newsreel footage, but there's also some from a couple of others mixed in. I call it War Dance.

I also took a 3D animation class, using what I think was a student version of Lightwave (Inspire 3D); I think that was sometime in 1999. It was extrememly basic, and how people do the highly detailed models is still a mystery. A lot of patience I suspect.

A couple of other fiddly things I've done, circa 2000:

Cage of Cindy
A co-worker occasionally brought her cocker spaniel "Cindy" into work and used a little gate to keep her from wandering the halls. The gate somehow reminded me of Cage of Freedom from the Georgio Moroder Metropolis soundtrack, so I brought in my camcorder one day, filmed a bit and put the two together. Unfortunately, I didn't have a lot of footage to work with, so it gets a bit repetitive, but thought it turned out well up until it gets boring ;-)

The Sacrifice
Some friends and I have gone to the coast for New Years every year since the late 80's; one year, we had this big fire pit and decided to bring our Christmas trees and have fun with a "ritual sacrifice"; I put the video to Fanfare for the Common Man just for the fun of it...